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Our Fees

There are four fees you need to understand when Investing Your Retirement Funds in Gold and Silver

No Set Up Fees

You are entitled to the best service at the best price. Opening an RGG Account is completely Free.
Our IRA Express Staff are available to assist and to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


No Start Up Fees


No Management Fees


No Commissions


No Hidden Fees


No Trading Fees


No Insurance Fees


No Maintenance Fees


No Custodial Fees


No Storage Fees

Annual Fees

(Custodian & Depository)

Our Client Express Team will be working with you to set up your new IRA Custodian and your IRA Precious Metals Portfolio Depository.

Different Custodians & Depositories offer different services and pricing. Our team will work with you to match the Custodian and depository that will match your goals at the best pricing.

Here are some sample pricing and the exact pricing will be made clear upon finalizing your account. We want you to know that there is no mark-ups on any of these fees by RGG.

Qualified Accounts Earn Up To $5,000 Cash Value

Open Account Minimum $50,000

New Account Open BalanceAnnual FeeRGG PaysYour Bonus
$50,000 - $100,000 $3853 Years$1,155
$100,001 - $200,000 $4854 Years$1,995
$200,00 - $300,000 $5855 Years$2,350
$300,000 - $400,000 $6856 Years$3,535
$400,000 - $500,000 $7857 Years$4,995

Don’t invest with dealers who do not clearly give you access to pricing.

When investing in precious metals you need to know the Bid Price, the Ask Price, and any liquidation charges.

To understand RGG’s pricing, here are definitions of some commonly used terms:

Ask: The ask price is the price at which RGG sells coins and other precious metals to its clients. The ask price is also known as the selling price.

Bid: The bid price is the price that RGG pays to purchase coins and other precious metals from its clients. The bid price is also known as the buyback price. Please see the section entitled Liquidation/Buyback Policy for additional information on RGG’s bid prices.

Spread: The spread refers to the difference between a coin or precious metal’s ask price (i.e., the selling price) and its bid price (i.e., the buyback price). The spread is calculated by subtracting the bid price from the ask price and dividing the difference by the ask price ((Ask – Bid)/Ask).

  • 5% Spread
    In general, our spread is 5%. Upon becoming an RGG Client you will have access to your RGG Clear Tracking Login and you will be able to track your portfolio Bid and Ask Pricing.

  • How Spread Works
    To illustrate how a spread works, consider the following example: If RGG’s ask/selling price is $500 for the coin, and RGG’s bid/buyback price for the coin is $475, the spread for the coin is 5% (($500-$475)/$25 = 5%).

Liquidation and Buyback Policy

When you decide to sell your precious metals, we appreciate the opportunity to purchase them at our current bid/buyback price. Although you are free to sell to other dealers, we believe it is likely that you will receive a higher net amount by selling to us. We are familiar with the quality and marketability of the items we sell and do not charge any additional fees or commissions other than the 1% liquidation fee. Depending upon market conditions and your original purchase price, you may receive less than what you paid for the coins and currency. Our buybacks are generally reserved only for RGG clients and RGG has the right to refuse any buyback at any time.

The law prohibits us from guaranteeing to repurchase the precious metals we sell, although we have always made buy-sell markets in precious metals we offer. Therefore, our buyback policy is not a guarantee and is subject to change without notice. It is our policy to offer to repurchase precious metals sold by us at our current bid/buyback price. A lower bid price is generally offered for products not originally sold by RGG. While our company is not obligated to do so, we continue to make a market for the precious metals we sell, have historically done so, and intend to continue to do so in the future.

Liquidation requests may be made to your Account Executive or by calling Client Relations at 888-246-6077.

Price Transparency

Our Policy is ‘Price Transparency‘. All cost to set-up and transfer fees of Retirement Funds to Gold and Silver will be clear and the current values of your investments will be easily accessible.

Your retirement is important to us. We want to assist you in achieving your goals of protecting your future today. We are proud of our staff, which includes our IRA Express Staff and Retirement Specialists, who are available to discuss the process and benefits of Precious Metals and to provide superior customer service.

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