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Retirement Gold Group brings a diverse team of financial services disciplines from Wall Street, Bond Trading, Precious Metals and Retirement Planning and Investing experience with over 100 Years of combined experience to change the retirement investing Industry.

Founded in 2015 by a group of seasoned industry experts with headquarters in Austin Texas and a satellite office in New York City. RGG’s Retirement Team assist clients nationwide with the Retirement Rollover and Transfer process to protect and grow their retirement with Precious Metals.

Our comprehensive website contains all the tools to make the transition easy, efficient and in compliance with all the rules and regulations.


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Our Story

Why Start Retirement Gold Group?

The first, and most obvious, question we got asked when we were in the early stages of creating Retirement Gold Group was the following:

“Why on earth would we ever want to enter a marketplace with so many dominant retirement financial institutions and precious metals dealers?”

The list of challenges to get started were daunting. Such as, developing a truly innovative website, creating unique financial planning tools, bringing the right people and systems together, forming the right supply chain partnerships, getting the word out through a sustained advertising, developing educational resources, and many other steps to make sure that everything would operate seamlessly.

Making A Difference!

So, the question remained: “Why would we want to undertake this arduous effort to create a retirement company specializing in Precious Metals?”

For us it’s the ability to do it differently and to do something we truly care about, which is helping people protect their retirement savings in the right way was compelling enough.

We could have just have easily published articles and blogs addressing what actions concerned investors should do to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes. However, we felt that the mandate for change compelled us to establish a new type of retirement organization – one that always put the client’s needs first.

We Had Enough!

In the end, we simple had enough of the big financial institutions, big banks and the insurance industry wanting full control of people’s retirement savings and only providing Wall Street type investments that are rigged to assure that these institutions profited handsomely, while the investor’s true interests were often the last of their concerns.

We equally did not like how the Precious Metals companies did not provide good guidance or transparent pricing, often resulting in clients not investing the ideal portfolio mix of their retirement savings in precious metals at the right price.

We simple decided that is was time to disrupt the Financial Retirement and Precious Metals industry just as Uber disrupted the taxi cab industry.

No Commissioned Sales People and Transparent Pricing

Unlike most of Precious Metals dealers nationwide, our Retirement Specialists are not commissioned sales people, but rather they are knowledgeable professionals with no hidden agenda to push products that earn them higher commissions.

Another one of our key distinguishing factor that rattled the Precious Metals industry is our Transparent Pricing model. Our clients always know what their buy and sell price is (ask/bid) with no hidden fees or surprise charges. Other companies leave you in the dark. Our online Clear Tracking portal allows clients to view their account values at any time.

Additionally, we have developed a suite of proprietary investment planning tools that help investors examine their overall mix of investment instruments, and based on one’s goals and objective, time horizon and risk tolerance- determine the appropriate portion of one’s retirement savings to be allocated and protected in precious metals. Physical Precious Metals represent true diversification because it is one of the only investments that is truly uncorrelated to the stock market, banking system and real estate.

A New Future

The crash of 2008 taught us all that Wall Street, big banks, and the insurance industry are not working to protect our investments. We also know that the market meltdown of 2008 was not an isolated event and more violent market downfalls are looming.

The final answer to: “Why would we ever want to open a new financial retirement precious metals organization?”

Change had to start somewhere. We decided change was going to start now and we launched Retirement Gold Group. We know we won’t reach everyone, but for the one’s we do reach, we will make a difference – and that is our mission and mandate.

We look forward to working with you to protect and grow your retirement.

Plan your Retirement in 3 Simple Steps

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1: Online Application

You can Complete Secure and Easy Online Application in 15 minutes

2: Transfer

Transferring your IRA is tax free and care free. Our retirement specialists will handle all the details for you

3: Choose Portfolio

Our proprietary retirement tools will help you select the portfolio that best suits your investment goals

Let Us Help You

We are with you every step of the way. You will always receive prompt, efficient and friendly service from our knowledgeable Retirement Specialists.

Please explore our award-winning website and feel free to call us with any questions, or simply book an appointment online.

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