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Our commitment to you extends far beyond your initial portfolio selection, by staying engaged as your needs change and market conditions shift.

A Diversified Approach to Portfolio Management

At Retirement Gold Group, we believe in preserving and growing the financial well-being of our clients. Our commitment to you extends far beyond your initial portfolio selection, by staying engaged as your needs change and market conditions shift. We aim to help you stick to an appropriate diversified strategy to both protect your retirement savings and make profit. You will have a dedicated Retirement Specialist who is there specifically to keep you informed and comfortable with your portfolio decisions.

Learn about the 6 ways Retirement Gold Group can benefit you:

1. Tools to Build the Portfolio to Achieve Your Goals

Different investors have different needs. Many simply want to preserve wealth, while others want their assets to grow over time. Some are focused on leaving an inheritance that will mean something. The Portfolio Strength Tester and Asset Allocation Tools will allow you to build a portfolio based on your specific needs. Analyzing your time horizon, risk tolerance, personal goals, and other factors specific to your needs is your first step in building the portfolio you want.

2. Our Learning Center & Market Insights will keep you informed

Information is power. At Retirement Gold Group, we believe an educated client is our best client. We provide an updated library of market trends, global and political indicators and economic cycles to help you navigate the volatile environment of investing for the long term.

3. You will work with knowledgeable Retirement Specialists

You will get proactive service from your Retirement Specialist who knows you and keeps you up-to-date on your portfolio. We will schedule regular reviews based on your needs. Great communication is what separates Retirement Gold Group and what we believe every client deserves.

4. Your will have access to 24/7 Clear Tracking

With Clear Tracking you will have access to your account and track both the Bid and Ask allowing you to know how your portfolio is performing. Investing should be interactive and Clear Tracking allows you to be engaged at all time. There is no financial index to look up how particular assets are performing and Clear Tracking keeps you in the loop.

5. Fair & Transparent and Easy to Understand Fees

Precious Metals Retirement Accounts can become confusing and expensive with hidden fees.

  • What is the application fee?
  • What are the set-up fees?
  • How much will your custodian charge?
  • How expensive is the Depository?
  • Are their liquidation fees?
  • What does it cost to ship?

6. The RGG fee structure is very simple, straight forward and transparent.

  • There is never an application fee for qualified accounts.
  • All qualified accounts have all the fees covered for the first year.
  • Depending on the size of your portfolio, your fees could be covered for 7 years.
  • All fees are posted on your Clear Tracking account tool and are competitive and easy to understand. There are never hidden fees and our commitment is to align our interest with the interest of our clients.
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