Storing Your IRA Approved Precious Metals

Invest with Safety, Security, Insurance, Accountability and Liquidity

Your IRA will own physical metals stored for you “Ounce for Ounce” 100% Secure and Insured

  • No Paper Certificates

  • No Leverage

Unlike many precious metals investments, which actually own the metal you buy and hold it on your behalf and give you paper certificates often leveraged, the metal you buy from Retirement Gold Group is yours and yours alone ounce for ounce.

Retirement Gold Group solves the concerns investors have on how to diversify and protect their retirement funds safely and efficiently. After we transfer retirement funds and purchase precious metals for our clients we have them stored at the Delaware Depository where clients can enjoy the benefits of knowing that their investment is being stored IRS compliant safely and securely.

What clients want, is to be able to invest with peace of mind, that is why Retirement Gold Group works exclusively with the Delaware Depository.

Examine the benefits of Delaware Depository


The Delaware Depository the safe choice!

  • Licensed
    Delaware Depository is licensed and reviewed by various commodities exchanges along with being chartered, regulated, and examined by the office of the Delaware State Banking Commissioner.

  • Recognized
    The Delaware Depository provides services to the nation’s commodities exchanges, major custodians, bullion dealers, and individual investors. As a regulated trust company, bullion storage and physical possession carried out by the Delaware Depository is compliant with IRS requirements and acceptable for Individual Retirement Accounts.

  • No Debt
    The Delaware Depository does not lend, pledge or encumber any bullion that is in its care; all metals are fully allocated and off balance sheet. This means that customers are recognized as the sole owners and title holders of the metals that are stored in the facilities.

    All Delaware Depository buildings and equipment are owned rather than leased, rented, or shared. The Delaware Depository is well capitalized and has no mortgages or other debt that could negatively impact its operations

  • Trust
    Gold and Silver are a safe haven for wealth preservation. There is no substitute for physical gold and silver held on an allocated basis. You need to know that your precious metals are 100% accounted for and that you are not buying paper assets. You need to know that your gold and silver is fully owned by you. You can trust The Delaware Depository to act in the investors best Interest.


Delaware Depository is America’s largest and most secure precious metals depository

  • Facility:
    All bullion is stored in fortified, high security, and discrete facilities. The Delaware Depository buildings have many sets of bullet-resistant, interlocking controlled-access steel doors that restrict entry to high security areas. 21-inch thick concrete-reinforced steel walls surround all Delaware Depository vaults, which are Class 3 vaults constructed and maintained in compliance with the Bank Protection Act. Vaults are equipped with time locks and automatic re-locking devices.


The Delaware Depository maintains a $1 billion policy in all-risk precious metals insurance underwritten by Lloyds of London.

Insured Custody & Shipping $100,000 per Package Shipping Insurance Coverage


State-of-the-Art Inventory Control & Reporting

You will always know what is received, stored and shipped from your account.

  • Same-Day / Next Day Transaction Processing
  • Detailed Confirmations of Assets Received
  • Account Reports Via E-mail, Data Download or from Secure FTP Site
  • Daily Account Activity & Shipping Confirmations
  • Detailed / Summary Inventory Statements

You will have access to your Precious Metals and your funds at your finger tips.

  • Get Cash
    Retirement Gold Group maintains separate space at The Delaware Depository. You can put a sell ordert in and The Delaware Depository will move your assets into our space and you your account will be funded with cash within 72 hours following our buyback policies.

  • Get Your Gold and Silver
    You are allowed to take an “In-Kind Distribution” Meaning you and request your precious metals to shipped to you at any time. The Delaware Depository offers you Insured shipping via U.S.P.S / FedEx and UPS by standard, overnight and 2nd day. Same-Day Shipping option is available.

  • Maximize your IRA
    Rebalance your account. Retirement Gold Group will work with you to keep yu in the assets you want. You can change your investment in your account which is called re-balancing.

Never Put Your IRA At Risk


This guide will address the questions you have when wanting to protect your retirement with Precious Metals.

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