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Best customer service experience! I set an appointment to speak with a customer care representative for a time that was convenient for me, and received a call back promptly at that time. Thank you for the outstanding service.

- John P.

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Our Pledge To Our Clients

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We pledge to be available.
Our clients can easily reach and communicate with us. You can phone, email or SMS text and always expect a quick reply.


We pledge to listen to your questions and concerns.
I will ask people what their questions and concerns are. I know I don’t know what everyone is thinking and feeling and to find out I need to ask and listen more than talk.


We pledge to be patient.
We understand what it feels like to be a client that is frustrated. The last thing a client needs is to be cut off. Our responsibility is to be less pushy and a lot more patient.


We pledge to always be respectful.
Our clients are always entitled to the utmost in respect. We will treat our clients with the respect they deserve at all times. By treating our clients with respect, we will earn their respect.


Positive Attitude

We pledge to maintain a positive attitude at all times.
There is a big difference between pretending to care and really caring. You can expect us to care and express a positive attitude and not just try and get rid of you with a fake smile. Because we are given the mandate to solve your concerns, we enjoy helping you.


Find Answers

We pledge to find real answers.
Too many companies have prepared caned customer service answers. Instead, we will answer only what we truly know and investigate and find answers to what we do not know. We will not just answer your questions and concerns to get you to go away.



We pledge to respond.
We are very serious about responding to customer concerns, inquires, requests and complaints. We will keep you informed and set time standards to respond to all your inquiries. We will provide you with timely updates until a final resolution is achieved.


We pledge to find solutions.
It is not enough to be available, listen have patience and respect with a positive attitude while finding answers and responding to your inquiries. Our responsibility is to be able to resolve and find solutions to your concerns and questions.

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