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Track and analyze your investment portfolio in real time 24/7.

  • Current Account Value
  • Investment Transaction History
  • Market Trends and News
  • Spot Price Chart
  • Plan for retirement
  • Analyze your account fees
  • Perform an investment check up
  • Review your asset allocation
  • Book a review

Knowledge Is Power

Although precious metals are wealth preserving assets meant to be held for five years or longer, it is still important to have access to understanding how your investment is performing. We also believe that as the Government Debt increase and the market corrects, Clear Tracking will make it easy for you to decide to preserve more of your retirement with precious metals.

You will know how your investing is performing. You will also be able to know if are you beating inflation? Are you preserving your purchasing power? These are critical questions that most often get overlooked or ignored in retirement investing. It is important to know how effective your investment strategy is. Clear Tracking allows you to accurately track your portfolio and make provisions for adding new money as you need to protect more of your retirement savings.

After all, you use apps for everything else from ordering food, banking, stock reports, cooking dinner, and social media the updates on your kids and grand-kids, why shouldn’t you know how your precious metals are performing?

Using Clear Tracking is easy to see how decades long of saving for your retirement is performing. Clear Tracking provides a quick and easy way to make sure your retirement is on track which will set your mind at ease.

As an RGG client, you will always know the value of your Gold and Silver IRA account.

Simply login to our secure and encrypted Clear Tracking portal with your user name and password, and all your values will be at your fingertips.

Easy to Use

Step 1: Log into the Clear Tracking portal

Step 2: View your Dashboard

Step 3: See your activity and account value or examine trends and learn market insights.

Step 4: Contact us directly from the portal with any questions or concerns.

Our retirement specialists are always here for you to clarify and explain anything you may not understand.

With our Clear Tracking Tool, you can log into your account 24/7 from any devise and view your daily account value, as well as bid and ask price prices of each asset.

Ease of Liquidation

Selling should be just as easy as buying Precious Metals.

When the time comes for you to sell all or a portion of your Precious Metals, we are here to help you with that simple process.

Do You Have Retirement Insurance?


Thank you RGG, I love Clear Tracking. I have always liked to track my investments regardless of whether I want to sell them or not. I really enjoy using Clear Tracking!

- Peter Z.

Austin TX

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3: Choose Portfolio

Our proprietary retirement tools will help you select the portfolio that best suits your investment goals

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